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Andrea’s 1st Quarter

Quarter peal 358

Lancashire Association
Blackburn, Lancashire
St Jude
Tuesday, 30 August 2016 in 44m (6–0–25 in D♭)
1,260 Plain Bob Doubles

  1. L Martin Daniels
  2. Bob Moody
  3. Raymond A Hutchings (C)
  4. Ian Fowler
  5. Graham Barnes
  6. Andrea Robinson

Rung on the back six by members of the regular Sunday service band. First quarter peal: 6.

¼ peal band at Saint Jude's, Blackburn

¼ peal band at Saint Jude’s, Blackburn following Andrea’s first quarter peal.

4 x 400

It’s not often I get to ring 400 peals with anyone, so I thought these three were worth a special mention.

Peal 880

Lancashire Association
Middleton, Greater Manchester
St Leonard
Friday 18 March 2016 in 2h48 (11-2-8 in F♯)
5,152 Darmstadtium Surprise Major
Comp. Roger Baldwin

  1. Brian J Owen
  2. James E Andrews
  3. Jane Owen
  4. Gail L Randall
  5. Peter C Randall (C)
  6. Raymond A Hutchings
  7. Derek J Thomas
  8. Peter G Bellamy-Knights

400th peal together: 5,6

Peal 895

Lancashire Association
Middleton, Greater Manchester
St Leonard
Friday 9 September 2016 in 2h 53 (11-2-8 in F♯)
5,088 Stanstead Mountfitchet Surprise Major
Comp. D F Morrison (No. 2056)

  1. Peter C Randall (C)
  2. Anne C Orme
  3. Derek J Thomas
  4. Raymond A Hutchings
  5. Gail L Randall
  6. James E Andrews
  7. C Michael Orme
  8. Peter G Bellamy-Knights

Rung to celebrate the recent ordination of Karen Hamnett, Curate OLM, and Diane Taylor-Harrison, reader, both members of this congregation. Also a birthday compliment to John P Partington, former member of this peal band. 400th peal together: 4,6

Peal 979

Around Ringers
Richmond, North Yorkshire
St Mary
Saturday, 4 August 2018 in 2h 47 (11–1–12 in G)
5,040 Jarrow Alliance Major
Composed by M Maughan

  1. Jane Owen
  2. Gail L Randall
  3. Ruth Curtis
  4. Peter C Randall (C)
  5. Richard I Allton
  6. Raymond A Hutchings
  7. Brian J Owen
  8. Paul F Curtis

Rung in memory of Private Reginald Brand, Yorkshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn. who died on 23rd April 1917 and is commemorated at Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt, France and Private John Watkin, Tank Corps “A” Coy. 8th Bn. who died on 9th August 1918 and is commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France. Both were ringers at this tower. Their names live for evermore. [400th peal together: 2, 6.]

Peal nnnn

Lancashire Association
Middleton, Greater Manchester
St Leonard
Friday 11 October 2017 in 2h 45 (11-2-8 in F♯)
5,024 Ely Surprise Major
Comp. D G Hull

  1. Gail Randall
  2. Jane Owen
  3. Michael D Fishwick
  4. Anne Orme
  5. Raymond A Hutchings
  6. Peter C Randall (C)
  7. Brian J Owen
  8. Peter G Bellamy-Knights

With congratulations to Ashley Wilson on the birth of a daughter. [400th peal together: 5 & 8.]