Peals Rung In 2014

Here is a summary of the peals I rang in during 2014. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to The one of most posts, The Ringing World BellBoard or Campanophile web sites where further details of the peal can be found.

Any peal marked with a ‘*’ indicates a method that has not previously been rung to a peal.

7984 JanWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:2015,040Black Sheep Surprise RoyalP Randall
79910 JanMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5015,120Zinc Surprise MajorP Randall
80031 JanFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5255,088Rhodium Surprise MajorP Randall
8017 FebWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0715,040Pasiphae Surprise RoyalP Randall
80214 FebMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:4765,088Middleton Surprise MajorP Randall
80328 FebFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5065,088Carbon Surprise MajorP Randall
8047 MarWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0915,040Xanthus Delight RoyalP Randall
80514 MarMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5015,088Fermium Surprise MajorP Randall
80628 MarFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5255,088Antimony Surprise MajorP Randall
8074 AprWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:1215,040Stranton Delight RoyalP Randall
80811 AprMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5045,088Helium Surprise MajorP Randall
80925 AprFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5035,088Praseodymium Surprise MajorP Randall
8104 MayBlackburn, CathedralN/A3:1465,007Stedman CatersP Saddleton
8119 MayMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:4355,056Terbium S MajorP Randall
81223 MayFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5065,088Europium Surprise MajorP Randall
81313 JunMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:4955,088Silicon Surprise MajorP Randall
81427 JunFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5045,056The University of York Surprise MajorP Randall
81525 JulFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:4745,088Holmium Surprise MajorP Randall
8161 AugWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0675,040Jet Surprise RoyalP Randall
8178 AugMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:4415,024Phosphorus Surprise MajorP Randall
81822 AugFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:4865,088Thorium Surprise MajorP Randall
81912 SepMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5755,300Anniversary Spliced MajorP Randall
82026 SepFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:4855,088Titanium Surprise MajorP Randall
8213 OctWorsley, St MarkN/A3:1815,1208-Spliced Surprise MajorP Randall
82210 OctMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:4955,088Hassium Surprise MajorP Randall
82324 OctFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:5265,088Roentgenium Surprise MajorP Randall
8247 NovWorsley, St MarkN/A3:0515,040X-Church Surprise RoyalP Randall
82514 NovMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5035,088Meitnerium Surprise MajorP Randall
82628 NovFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:4955,120Caesium Surprise MajorP Randall
8275 DecWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0765,040Teotihuacan Surprise RoyalP Randall
82812 DecMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2:4055,088Chlorine Surprise MajorP Randall
82919 DecFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:4855,152Bismuth Surprise MajorP Randall
83020 DecArlecdon, St MichaelCarlisle2:4765,088Lessness Surprise MajorG Birks