Quarter Peals

Here is a summary of the quarter peals I have taken part in. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to The one of most posts, The Ringing World BellBoard or Campanophile web sites where further details of the quarter peal can be found.

My records are not complete so there are a few gaps in the summary.

122 Apr 1973Minster Abbey0:4061,260Plain Bob DoublesPeter D J Beal
214 Nov 1973Eastchurch61,260Doubles (2 Methods)David P Leworthy
314 Nov 1973Minster Abbey0:4311,260Plain Bob DoublesPeter D J Beal
402 Dec 1973Minster Abbey0:4211,260Plain Bob DoublesJane Bryant
514 Apr 1974Minster Abbey21,260Plain Bob DoublesJane Bryant
626 Apr 1974Minster Abbey11,260Plain Bob DoublesJane Bryant
728 Apr 1974Minster Abbey21,260Plain Bob DoublesPeter D J Beal
824 Jan 1975Minster Abbey51,260Doubles (2 Methods)Howard Gardner
913 Dec 1975Eastchurch31,260Plain Bob MinorAndrew Gunstone
1021 Feb 1976Bobbing31,256Minimus (4 Methods)Phillip R J Barnes
1120 Mar 1976Queenborough31,260Plain Bob DoublesA S Baker
1220 Mar 1976Shorne31,309Doubles (6 MV)Phillip R J Barnes
1304 Apr 1976Minster Abbey41,250Doubles (9 MV)Penelope Lowen
1402 May 1976Minster Abbey51,380Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
1527 May 1976Minster Abbey51,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
1604 Jul 1976Minster Abbey31,440Doubles (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings & Phillip R J Barnes
1711 Jul 1976Minster Abbey51,600DoublesRaymond A Hutchings & Phillip R J Barnes
1801 Nov 1976Eastchurch51,260Plain Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
1916 Oct 1976Gillingham, Kent41,312Plain Bob MajorPhillip R J Barnes
2014 Nov 1976Eastchurch51,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
2128 Nov 1976Eastchurch51,260Plain Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
2228 Nov 1976Minster Abbey61,260Plain Bob DoublesJulie A Gardner
2314 Nov 1976Minster Abbey51,312Little Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
24Missing Quarter Peal
25Missing Quarter Peal
26Missing Quarter Peal
27Missing Quarter Peal
28Missing Quarter Peal
29Missing Quarter Peal
30Missing Quarter Peal
31Missing Quarter Peal
32Missing Quarter Peal
3322 Jan 1977Higham0:3941,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRhian N Bagshaw
3407 Feb 1977Minster Abbey0:4351,296Kent Treble Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
3512 Mar 1977Rochester Cathedral0:5951,424Plain Bob MajorPhillip R J Barnes
3627 Mar 1977Minster Abbey0:4751,260DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
3724 Apr 1977Minster Abbey0:4761,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
3807 Jun 1977Minster Abbey0:4651,296Kent Treble Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
3907 Jun 1977Eastchurch0:4351,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
4006 Jul 1977Minster Abbey31,977DoublesPhillip R J Barnes
4127 Jul 197753 Southdown Road0:253 & 41,260Plain Bob MinimusPhillip R J Barnes
4229 Jul 1977Phildean Lodge0:223 & 41,304Plain Bob MinimusPhillip R J Barnes
4329 Jul 197753 Southdown Road0:493 & 42,520Plain Bob MinimusRaymond A Hutchings
4425 Sep 1977Minster Abbey0:4011,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
4509 Oct 1977Eastchurch0:4261,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
4623 Oct 1977Minster Abbey0:4751,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
4701 Nov 1977Eastchurch0:4361,296Kent Treble Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
4813 Nov 1977Minster Abbey0:4751,320Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
4913 Nov 1977Rochester Cathedral7Plain Bob MajorChristopher T Osenton
5021 Dec 1977Eastchurch0:3861,250Grandsire DoublesPhillip R J Barnes
5124 Dec 1977Minster Abbey51,308Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
5225 Dec 1977Eastchurch0:4351,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
5301 Jan 1978Minster Abbey0:4751,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
5408 Feb 1978Minster Abbey0:4551,272Kent Treble Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
5518 Feb 1978Milton-next-Gravesend0:4251,260Stedman TriplesDavid G Majors
5619 Mar 1978Minster Abbey0:4461,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
5723 Mar 1978Minster Abbey0:4261,260Saint Clements Court Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
5806 May 1978On a coach0:243 & 41,253Plain Bob MinimusPhillip R J Barnes
5914 May 1978Eastchurch0:4351,296Oxford Treble Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
6014 May 1978Minster Abbey0:4251,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
6121 May 1978Minster Abbey0:4861,296Kent Treble Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
6204 Jun 1978Minster Abbey0:4761,296Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
6325 Jun 1978Minster Abbey0:4251,272Plain Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
6406 Jul 1978Minster Abbey51,440Plain Bob MinorPhillip R J Barnes
6506 Jul 1978Minster Abbey61,440Minor (2 Methods)Phillip R J Barnes
6613 Apr 1980Minster Abbey0:4751,340Plain Bob DoublesHoward Gardner
6719 Apr 1980Eastchurch0:3761,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
6820 Apr 1980Minster Abbey0:4551,330Plain Bob DoublesHoward Gardner
6915 May 1980Minster Abbey0:4851,280Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
7028 Sep 1980Minster Abbey0:4651,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
7112 Sep 1980Minster Abbey0:4621,260Plain Bob DoublesHoward Gardner
7209 Nov 1980Minster Abbey0:4751,300Plain Bob DoublesJulie A Gardner
7328 Dec 1980Minster Abbey0:4561,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
7408 Feb 1981Minster Abbey0:4661,320Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
7514 Mar 1981Newington0:4351,260Plain Bob MinorRodney Horder
7614 Mar 1981Minster Abbey0:4951,420Plain Bob DoublesJulie A Gardner
7719 May 1981Minster Abbey0:4761,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
7828 May 1981Minster Abbey0:4151,260Spliced Doubles (3 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
7910 Jun 1981Frindsbury0:4561,260Grandsire TriplesChristopher T Osenton
8021 Jun 1981Rochester Cathedral0:4841,260Plain Bob TriplesChristopher T Osenton
8122 Jun 1981Minster Abbey0:4661,272Minor (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
8211 Jul 1981Gillingham, Kent0:4771,280Kent Treble Bob MajorChristopher T Osenton
8329 Jul 1981Wouldham0:4361,272Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
8429 Jul 1981Chatham0:4361,260Plain Bob TriplesNo Conductor Given
8529 Jul 1981Frindsbury0:4351,260Grandsire TriplesChristopher T Osenton
8629 Jul 1981Rochester Cathedral0:5061,264Plain Bob MajorChristopher T Osenton
8727 Sep 1981Minster Abbey0:4621,260Doubles (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
8814 Nov 1981Woodstock0:4581,344Plain Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
8920 Nov 1981Hartlip0:4751,380Spliced Doubles (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
9006 Jan 1982Minster Abbey51,260Doubles (7 M V)Raymond A Hutchings
9116 Jan 1982Upchurch1:0161,982Spliced Minor (3 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
9211 Feb 1982Minster Abbey0:4561,296Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
9305 Mar 1982Cuxton0:3751,260Saint Clements Court Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
9402 May 1982Minster Abbey0:4621,260Doubles (2 Methods)Julie A Gardner
9508 May 1982Findon0:4151,260Cambridge Surprise MinorChristopher Bullied
9622 Jun 1982Rochester Cathedral0:5481,259Grandsire CatersChristopher T Osenton
9723 Jun 1982Frindsbury81,260Grandsire TriplesChristopher T Osenton
9825 Jun 1982Wouldham0:3961,260Minor (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
9926 Jun 1982Cliffe0:5381,296Plain Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
10027 Jun 1982Hoo0:4561,260Plain Bob MinorBrian R Trill
10104 Aug 1982Snodland0:3461,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
10215 Sep 1982Tunstall, Kent0:3821,272Grandsire MinorChristopher T Osenton
10320 Nov 1982Cliffe0:4361,260Erin TriplesChristopher T Osenton
10428 Nov 1982Rochester Cathedral0:5211,259Grandsire CatersChristopher T Osenton
10515 Jan 1983Milton-next-Gravesend0:4681,280Cambridge Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
10619 Feb 1983Shorne0:3651,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
10713 Mar 1983Wells Cathedral0:5331,259Grandsire CatersChristopher Bullied
10819 Mar 1983Cliffe0:4331,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
10926 Mar 1983Maidstone, St Michael0:4321,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
11007 May 1983Frindsbury0:4011,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
11115 May 1983Cliffe0:4361,296Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
11216 May 1983Frindsbury0:3961,260Grandsire TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
11322 May 1983Frindsbury0:4131,260Plain Bob TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
11404 Sep 1983Frindsbury0:4111,260Grandsire TriplesChristopher T Osenton
11512 Oct 1983Northfleet0:4441,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
11623 Oct 1983Rochester Cathedral0:4951,260Grandsire TriplesChristopher T Osenton
11710 Nov 1983Rochester Cathedral0:5071,260Grandsire TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
11816 Nov 1983Frindsbury0:3621,260Grandsire TriplesChristopher T Osenton
11927 Nov 1983Rochester Cathedral0:4731,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
12009 Dec 1983Minster Abbey0:4111,260Doubles (6 MV)Raymond A Hutchings
12107 Jan 1984Rochester Cathedral0:4151,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRaymond A Hutchings
12224 Mar 1984High Halstow0:4361,272Spliced Minor (4 methods)Raymond A Hutchings
12331 Mar 1984Rochester Cathedral0:5371,296Plain Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
12428 Apr 1984Cuxton41,260Grandsire DoublesChristopher T Osenton
12529 Apr 1984Eastchurch0:4231,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
12627 May 1984Shorne0:3931,260Doubles (2 Methods)Christopher T Osenton
12716 Feb 1985Cliffe0:5171,280Cambridge Surprise MajorChristopher T Osenton
12816 Feb 1985High Halstow0:3851,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRaymond A Hutchings
12927 Apr 1985Halling0:4251,296Beverley Surprise MinorChristopher T Osenton
13029 Apr 1985Frindsbury0:4661,264Plain Bob MajorMike Clay
13113 May 1985Cliffe0:4971,264Plain Bob MajorMike Clay
13227 Jul 1985Upchurch0:4261,260Minor (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
13317 Aug 1985Tunstall, Kent0:4141,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
13417 Aug 1985Rochester Cathedral61,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
13525 Aug 1985Rochester Cathedral0:4421,260Doubles (3 Methods)Christopher T Osenton
13610 Sep 1985Frindsbury0:4671,260Doubles (2 Methods)Christopher T Osenton
13719 Sep 1985Tunstall, Kent0:4521,264Plain Bob MajorLinda M Cox
13823 Sep 1985Milton Regis0:4931,440Cambridge Surprise MinorMike Clay
13907 Oct 1985Gravesend61,280Cambridge Surprise MajorMike Clay
14012 Oct 1985Lindfield0:4781,280Plain Bob MajorP J Franklin
14128 Oct 1985Tunstall, Kent0:4771,260Plain Bob TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
14202 Nov 1985Rainham, Kent0:4661,272Kent Treble Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
14304 Nov 1985Tunstall, Kent0:4771,260Plain Bob TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
14416 Nov 1985Rochester Cathedral0:5571,280Plain Bob MajorChristopher T Osenton
14516 Nov 1985Rainham, Kent0:5071,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorChristopher T Osenton
14616 Nov 1985Tunstall, Kent0:4971,280Cambridge Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
14706 Jan 1986Chatham0:4971,259Lincolnshire Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
14818 Jan 1986Frindsbury0:4571,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
14910 Feb 1986Meopham0:4781,280Superlative Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
15022 Feb 1986Cuxton0:4461,296Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
15110 Mar 1986Rainham, Kent0:5171,250Spliced Surprise Major (2 Methods)Linda M Cox
15219 Apr 1986High Halstow0:4351,296Cambridge Surprise MinorDavid W Jack
15321 Apr 1986Upchurch0:4861,440Oxford Treble Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
15412 May 1986Milton-next-Gravesend0:4681,280Spliced Surprise Major (3 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
15502 Jun 1986Gravesend0:4971,280Rutland Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
15614 Jun 1986Rochester Cathedral0:56101,260Plain Bob RoyalRaymond A Hutchings
15724 Jun 1986Rainham, Kent0:4811,280Cambridge Surprise MajorChristopher T Osenton
15823 Jul 1986Rochester Cathedral0:5161,260Grandsire TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
15909 Aug 1986Higham0:3851,260Plain Bob MinorChristopher T Osenton
16028 Sep 1986Rainham, Kent0:4771,260Grandsire TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
16106 Oct 1986Rainham, Kent0:5361,250Pudsey Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
16222 Nov 1986Rainham, Kent0:4861,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
16328 Feb 1987Cuxton0:4151,272Norwich Surprise MinorChristopher T Osenton
16428 Feb 1987Chatham0:4561,260Minor (720 Cambridge S and 540 Plain Bob)Raymond A Hutchings
16506 Mar 1987Rainham, Kent0:4671,260Plain Bob TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
16630 Mar 1987Frindsbury81,280Superlative Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
16709 Apr 1987Rochester Cathedral0:5151,440London Surprise MinorChristopher Bullied
16813 May 1987Eynsford0:4571,280Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Linda M Cox
16918 May 1987Cliffe0:4671,280Rutland Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
17021 May 1987Chatham0:4851,260Stedman TriplesChristopher T Osenton
17125 May 1987Maidstone, All Saints0:5271,280Cambridge Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
17225 May 1987Maidstone, St Michael0:4051,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorAndrew J Ellis
17325 May 1987Linton0:4331,250Rutland Surprise MajorAndrew J Ellis
17414 Jun 1987Higham61,274Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
17518 Jun 1987Chatham0:4951,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRaymond A Hutchings
17620 Jun 1987Upchurch0:4011,260Stedman DoublesLinda M Cox
17725 Jun 1987Gravesend0:5081,260Stedman TriplesChristopher Bullied
17805 Jul 1987Rainham, Kent0:5071,260Plain Bob TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
17906 Jul 1987Milton-next-Gravesend0:4771,250Uxbridge Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
18012 Jul 1987Rainham, Kent0:5061,260Plain Bob TriplesTimothy S Wraight
18127 Jul 1987Rainham, Kent0:4871,264Plain Bob MajorAndrew J Ellis
18231 Aug 1987Gravesend0:5011,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorAndrew J Ellis
18306 Sep 1987Tunstall, Kent0:3931,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
18428 Sep 1987Milton-next-Gravesend0:4681,280Double Norwich Court Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
18507 Nov 1987Rochester Cathedral0:5391,259Grandsire CatersChristopher T Osenton
18608 Nov 1987Rainham, Kent0:4961,260Stedman TriplesAndrew J Ellis
18719 Nov 1987Gravesend0:5141,272Ipswitch Surprise MinorChristopher T Osenton
18806 Dec 1987Bow1:2051,440Cambridge Surprise RoyalRoger D Bailey
18907 Dec 1987Gravesend81,280Rutland Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
19010 Dec 1987Gillingham, Kent11,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
19101 Jan 1988Rainham, Kent11,296Cambridge Surprise MinorChristopher T Osenton
19206 Feb 1988Rainham, Kent0:4481,260Stedman TriplesAndrew J Ellis
19315 Feb 1988London, Hart Street71,250Bristol Surprise MajorLinda M Cox
19427 Feb 1988Sittingbourne0:4881,250Cambridge Surprise MajorNicholas J Chesson
19527 Feb 1988Tunstall, Kent0:4371,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorNicholas J Chesson
19627 Feb 1988Frindsbury0:4881,280Rutland Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
19727 Feb 1988Cliffe0:4411,250Cambridge Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
19828 Feb 1988Canterbury Cathedral0:5391,253Grandsire CinquesChristopher T Osenton
19914 Mar 1988Chatham0:5281,250Rutland Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
20030 Apr 1988Rochester Cathedral41,259Grandsire CatersChristopher T Osenton
20101 May 1988Tunstall, Kent0:4521,296Cambridge Surprise MinorStuart M Cox
20208 May 1988Tunstall, Kent0:4111,260Grandsire TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
20314 May 1988Newington11,296Cambridge Surprise MinorAndrew J Ellis
20430 May 1988Ospringe0:4371,280Cambridge Surprise MajorStuart C Palin
20530 May 1988Selling0:3871,250Rutland Surprise MajorAndrew J Ellis
20630 May 1988Boughton Under Blean0:4381,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
20730 May 1988Herne Hill0:4461,250Superlative Surprise MajorNicholas J Chesson
20826 Jun 1988Rainham, Kent0:4881,280Rutland Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
20905 Jul 1988Frindsbury0:4711,280Kent Treble Bob MinorAndrew J Ellis
21016 Oct 1988Tunstall, Kent0:4351,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
21129 Oct 1988Rochester Cathedral0:5591,296Plain Bob CatersChristopher T Osenton
21207 Nov 1988Milton-next-Gravesend0:4681,280Spliced Surprise Major (6m)Raymond A Hutchings
21316 Jan 1989Rainham, Kent81,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
21421 Jan 1989Sully0:3861,296Kent Treble Bob Minor & Cambridge Surprise MinorRaymond A Hutchings
21525 Feb 1989Cliffe0:4381,250Cambridge Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
21625 Feb 1989Gravesend81,280Rutland Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
21725 Feb 1989Cuxton0:4051,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRhian N Bagshaw
21802 Apr 1989Tunstall, Kent0:4251,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
21917 Apr 1989Eynsford0:4751,280Lincolnshire Surprise MajorRoger G Booth
22028 May 1989Canterbury Cathedral61,253Grandsire CinquesChristopher T Osenton
22112 Jun 1989Meopham71,250Superlative Surprise MajorRoger G Booth
22218 Jun 1989Frindsbury0:4881,344London Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
22321 Aug 1989London, Hart Street0:4551,250Bristol Surprise MajorRoger G Booth
22412 Nov 1989Queenborough0:4211,260Plain Bob DoublesEmma Cundiiff
22514 Nov 1989Rainham, Kent61,296Minor (2 Methods)Raymond A Hutchings
22620 Nov 1989Eynsford34m81,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
22718 Dec 1989Milton-next-Gravesend45m81,280Pudsey Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
22812 Feb 1990Meopham44m71,250Pudsey Surprise MajorRoger G Booth
22912 Mar 1990London, Bow0:5071,282Cassiobury Surprise MajorNicholas J Chesson
23010 Aug 1990Whitley Bay46m81,280Lincolnshire Surprise MajorStephen B Bell
23124 Nov 1990Gosforth51,282Bristol Surprise RoyalRon Warford
23202 Dec 1990Newcastle Cathedral59m101,299Stedman CinquesTimothy J Bradbury
23322 Dec 1990Queenborough45m61,440Cambridge Surprise MinorRaymond A Hutchings
23410 Mar 1991Newcastle Cathedral101,346Spliced Surprise Maximus (3 M)David Hird
23501 Apr 1991Durham Cathedral51,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalStephen B Bell
23621 Apr 1991Newcastle Cathedral51,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalStephen B Bell
23730 Jun 1991Whiltey Bay81,260Plain Bob TriplesDavid Hird
23819 Apr 1992Newcastle Cathedral101,346Cambridge Surprise MaximusDavid Hird
23916 Feb 1992Newcastle Cathedral101,311Stedman CinquesStephen B Bell
24009 Aug 1992Newcastle Cathedral81,346Cambridge Surprise MaximusDavid Hird
24118 Jul 1993Newcastle, Saint Matthew81,264Plain Bob MajorStephen B Bell
24210 Oct 1993Newcastle, Saint Matthew11,250Superlative Surprise MajorDavid Hird
24322 Apr 1994Whitley Bay71,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorRachel Dyson
24421 Aug 1994Newcastle, Saint Matthew61,250Pudsey Surprise MajorDavid Hird
24521 Sep 1995Newcastle, Saint Matthew41,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorDavid Hird
24621 Jan 1996Rainham, Kent81,280Rutland Surprise MajorDiana R Wraight
24714 Feb 1996Jesmond, Saint George72,592Rodwell Surprise MajorRon Warford
24811 Mar 1996Newcastle Cathedral11,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorStephen B Bell
24922 May 1996Newcastle Cathedral101,346Cambridge Surprise MaximusDavid Hird
25023 Nov 1996Newcastle Cathedral81,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalStephen B Bell
25101 Dec 1997Newcastle Cathedral81,346Yorkshire Surprise MaximusStephen B Bell
25205 Apr 1999Samlesbury61,280Cambridge Surprise MajorJean Barnes
25325 Apr 1999Blackburn Cathedral71,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
25408 May 1999Westhoughton71,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
25504 Oct 2000Blackburn Cathedral11,280Bristol Surprise RoyalGeorge Campling
25611 Nov 2000Blackburn Cathedral31,287Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
25722 Nov 2000Accrington, Saint James71,280Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Andrew D Sibson
25807 Dec 2000Blackburn Cathedral71,280Cambridge Surprise MajorJim Andrews
25920 Dec 2000Blackburn Cathedral91,259Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
26021 Apr 2001Blackburn Cathedral71,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalGordon R Birks
26106 Oct 2001Blackburn Cathedral71,275Stedman CatersDale Barton
26211 Sep 2002Blackburn Cathedral101,259Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
26311 Dec 2002Blackburn Cathedral31,296Cambridge Surprise MinorJean Barnes
264Missing Quarter Peal
265Missing Quarter Peal
266Missing Quarter Peal
267Missing Quarter Peal
268Missing Quarter Peal
26919 Feb 2003Blackburn Cathedral11,282Cambridge Surprise RoyalJim Andrews
27015 Feb 2004Accrington, Saint James11,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
27116 Jan 2005Blackburn Cathedral81,260Stedman TriplesDale Barton
27201 Jul 2006Blackburn Cathedral91,263Stedman CatersDale Barton
27307 Nov 2006Blackburn Cathedral101,277Grandsire CatersFrank Anderton
27419 Nov 2006Blackburn Cathedral91,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
27523 Dec 2006Blackburn Cathedral31,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalIan Smith
27614 Jan 2007Blackburn Cathedral101,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalIan Smith
27725 Mar 2007Blackburn Cathedral91,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
27802 Dec 2007Leyland, St Andrew91,278Grandsire CatersFrank Anderton
27905 Dec 2007Blackburn Cathedral31,260Stedman TriplesAshley Wilson
28006 Dec 2007Preston Minster91,298Plain Bob CinquesJeffrey Simcox
28115 Dec 2007Blackburn Cathedral101,278Grandsire CatersFrank Anderton
28213 Jan 2008Blackburn Cathedral81,275Stedman CatersAshley Wilson
28318 May 2008Tarleton51,280Superlative Surprise MajorJeffrey Simcox
28421 May 2008Samlesbury81,344Double Norwich Court Bob MajorAshley Wilson
28501 Jun 2008Blackburn Cathedral101,275Stedman CatersAshley Wilson
28622 Jun 2008Blackburn Cathedral101,260Plain Bob RoyalRaymond A Hutchings
28728 Jun 2008Blackburn Cathedral0:4981,259Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
28809 Jul 2008Whittle le Woods71,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorAshley Wilson
28916 Jul 2008Samlesbury81,344Cambridge Surprise MajorJeffrey Simcox
29007 Sep 2008Blackburn Cathedral61,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
29120 Sep 2008Blackburn Cathedral61,260Plain Bob MinorJean Barnes
29219 Oct 2008Blackburn Cathedral81,264Plain Bob MajorJean Barnes
29319 Nov 2008Samlesbury71,344London Surprise MajorAshley Wilson
29406 Dec 2008Preston Minster11,299Stedman TriplesAshley Wilson
29506 Dec 2008Blackburn Cathedral61,263Stedman TriplesAshley Wilson
29613 Dec 2008Blackburn Cathedral50m61,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRaymond A Hutchings
29728 Dec 2008Tarleton41,260Stedman TriplesAshley Wilson
29804 Jan 2009Blackburn Cathedral42m61,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
29901 Mar 2009Blackburn Cathedral81,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
30019 Apr 2009Blackburn Cathedral81,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
30123 Apr 2009Blackburn, St Silas81,250Quedgeley Surprpise MajorFrank Anderton
30221 May 2009Blackburn Cathedral51,284Plain Bob MinorAshley Wilson
30316 Aug 2009Blackburn Cathedral101,259Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
30407 Nov 2009Blackburn Cathedral41,282Yorkshire Surprise RoyalIan Smith
30503 Jan 2010Blackburn Cathedral0:4681,250Lincolnshire Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
30624 Jan 2010Blackburn Cathedral91,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
30707 Feb 2010Blackburn Cathedral0:4891,282Surprise Royal (2 methods)Matthew Warburton
30828 Feb 2010Blackburn Cathedral0:4811,282Cambridge Surprise RoyalMatthew Warburton
30921 Mar 2010Blackburn Cathedral71,260Plain Bob RoyalJeffrey Simcox
31028 Mar 2010Blackburn Cathedral41,282Lincolnshire Surprise RoyalJean Barnes
31109 May 2010Blackburn Cathedral81,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
31211 Jul 2010Blackburn Cathedral81,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
31325 Jul 2010Blackburn Cathedral51,287Stedman CatersAshley Wilson
31411 Aug 2010Whittle le Woods61,328Plain Bob MajorAshley Wilson
31516 Oct 2010Padiham0:4481,250Cambridge Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
31622 May 2011Blackburn Cathedral71,282Yorkshire Surprise MajorJeffrey Simcox
31704 Mar 2012Blackburn Cathedral0:4831,282Cambridge Surprise RoyalMatthew Warburton
31825 Mar 2012Blackburn Cathedral0:4961,280Bristol Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
31922 Apr 2012Padiham0:4561,260Stedman TriplesMatthew Warburton
32022 Apr 2012Blackburn Cathedral0:5041,282Cambridge Surprise RoyalMatthew Warburton
32130 Jun 2012Blackburn Cathedral101,289Grandsire CatersNicholas Harrop
32221 Jul 2012Padiham0:4671,260Plain Bob TriplesMatthew Warburton
32323 Sep 2012Blackburn Cathedral81,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
32405 Dec 2012Blackburn Cathedral0:4661,260Plain Bob MinorJean Barnes
32522 Dec 2012Liverpool Cathedral1:1781,260Plain Bob RoyalJeffrey Simcox
32623 Dec 2012Padiham0:4451,260Stedman TriplesMatthew Warburton
32710 Mar 2013Padiham0:4651,260Grandsire TriplesMatthew Warburton
32825 Mar 2013Padiham0:4571,280Bristol Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
32921 Apr 2013Blackburn Cathedral0:51101,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
33022 May 2013Padiham0:4551,260Doubles (2 methods)Frank Anderton
33113 Oct 2013Blackburn Cathedral0:5281,280Cambridge Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
33210 Nov 2013Blackburn Cathedral0:4851,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
33323 Mar 2014Blackburn Cathedral0:4961,250Cambridge Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
33418 Apr 2014Blackburn Cathedral0:5881,259Grandsire CatersGeorge Lee
33519 Jul 2014Blackburn Cathedral0:5091,282Cambridge Surprise RoyalMatthew Warburton
33603 Aug 2014Blackburn Cathedral0:5381,259Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
33709 Nov 2014Blackburn Cathedral101,296Plain Bob CatersMatthew Warburton
33823 Dec 2014Blackburn Cathedral71,344Yorkshire Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
33926 Jan 2015Blackburn Cathedral0:5381,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
34008 Feb 2015Blackburn Cathedral0:5021,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
34105 Apr 2015Padiham0:4561,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
34203 May 2015Blackburn, St Silas0:4741,296Beverley Surprise MinorBob Moody
34314 Jun 2015Blackburn Cathedral71,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
34411 Jul 2015Blackburn, St Jude0:4541,260Grandsire TriplesJean Barnes
34519 Jul 2015Blackburn Cathedral0:4461,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
34608 Oct 2015Blackburn Cathedral21,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
34701 Nov 2015Blackburn, St Jude0:4361,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
34823 Dec 2015Blackburn Cathedral0:52101,277Grandsire CatersJean Barnes
3493 Jan 2016Blackburn Cathedral0:4461,284Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
35017 Jan 2016Blackburn Cathedral0:4971,280Cambridge Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
35131 Jan 2016Blackburn Cathedral0:52101,260Plain Bob RoyalRaymond A Hutchings
35205 Mar 2016Douglas in Parbold0:4381,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorDaniel Vernon
35313 Mar 2017Blackburn Cathedral0:5091,260Plain Bob RoyalBob Moody
35424 Apr 2016Blackburn, Saint Silas0:4751,296Cambridge Surprise MinorBob Moody
35529 Jul 2016Blackburn, Saint Silas21,296Cambridge Surprise MinorBob Moody
35628 Aug 2016Blackburn, St Jude42m21,260Plain Bob DoublesL Martin Daniels
35728 Aug 2016Oswaldtwistle45m61,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
35830 Aug 2016Blackburn, St Jude44m31,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
35920 Oct 2016Liverpool Cathedral1h 19m81,320Plain Bob MaximusMatthew Warburton
36018 Dec 2016Liverpool Cathedral1h 10m71,259Grandsire CatersDavid T G Jones
36124 Dec 2016Oswaldtwistle43m61,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
36228 Jan 2017Blackburn Cathedral44m61,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
36312 Mar 2017Blackburn, St Jude43m61,272Kent Treble Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
36425 Mar 2017Blackburn Cathedral51m101,260Plain Bob RoyalRaymond A Hutchings
3659 Apr 2017Darwen, Saint Peter48 m41,300Plain Bob DoublesBob Moody
36623 Apr 2017Blackburn Cathedral46 m61,260Plain Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
36723 Apr 2017Liverpool Cathedral101,260Plain Bob RoyalJeffrey D Simcox
36824 Apr 2017Blackburn Cathedral44 m51,260Grandsire DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
36921 May 2017Blackburn Cathedral50 m81,280Plain Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
37025 Jun 2017Whalley, Saint Mary V & All Saints47 m51,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorMatthew Warburton
3711 Jul 2017Blackburn Cathedral52 m91,296Grandsire CatersJeffrey D Simcox
3721 Jul 2017Blackburn Cathedral52 m81,280Plain Bob MajorBob Moody
37313 Aug 2017Liverpool Cathedral71,280Spliced Surprise Major (4 Methods)Colin Woods
37429 Oct 2017Liverpool Cathedral1h 7m31,259Grandsire CatersDavid Thomas
37520 Nov 2017Blackburn Cathedral47 m81,264Plain Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
3763 Dec 2017Blackburn, Saint Silas49 m61,260Grandsire TriplesBob Moody
3773 Dec 2017Liverpool Cathedral1h 10 m61,284Stedman CatersAndrew J Rawlinson
37812 Dec 2017Blackburn, St Jude21,632Jersey Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
37928 Dec 2017Blackburn Cathedral45 m51,260Julie McDonnell DoublesRaymond A Hutchings