Peals Rung In 2024

Here is a summary of the peals I rang in 2024. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the peal can be found.

Towers marked with a * indicate this is my first peal at the tower. A method marked with a † is a method that has not previously been rung to a peal.

Peal No.DateWhere RungAssociationTime (H:MM)BellChangesMethodConductor
11692 Jan 2024Todmorden, St MaryLancashire2:4135,056Felicity Delight Major †Peter C Randall
117012 Jan 2024Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5285,120Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Peter C Randall
117116 Jan 2024Accrington, St JamesLancashire3:0065,040Cambridge Surprise RoyalJeffrey Brannan
11726 Feb 2024Accrington, St JamesLancashire2:5925,040A’ Chailleach Delight RoyalPeter C Randall
11739 Feb 2024Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2:5465,088Kent Treble Bob MajorPeter C Randall
117420 Feb 2024Accrington, St JamesLancashire2:58105,040Pilton Delight RoyalPeter C Randall