Quarter Peals Rung 2024

Here is a summary of the quarter peals I rang in during 2024. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about where the quarter was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the quarter peal can be found.

No.DateWhere RungTime (H:MM)BellChangesMethodConductor
6545 Jan 2024Ringing Room UK0:4451,272London Victory Delight MinorPeter C Randall
65528 Jan 2024Blackburn Cathedral0:5181,296Double Norwich Court Bob MajorRaymond A Hutchings
6562 Feb 2024Ringing Room UK0:4541,296Melandra Delight MinorPeter C Randall
65716 Feb 2024Ringing Room UK0:4241,272Merton Delight MinorPeter C Randall
65818 Feb 2024Blackburn Cathedral0:5061,260Grandsire CatersRaymond A Hutchings
65923 Feb 2024Ringing Room UK0:5651,344Falmouth Surprise MajorPeter C Randall