Peals Rung in 2023

Here is a summary of the peals I rang in 2023. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the peal can be found.

Towers marked with a * indicate this is my first peal at the tower. A peal marked with a † after the method name, is a method that has not previously been rung to a peal.

RefDateWhere RungAssociationTimeBellChangesMethodConductor
113610 Jan 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire3h 5m35,090Yorkshire Surprise RoyalPeter C Randall
113713 Jan 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 50m45,056Bristol Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
113827 Jan 2023Bilsborrow, St Hilda *Lancashire2h 43m85,040Grandsire TriplesGrandsire TriplesKevin M Price
11397 Feb 2023Saddleworth, St ChadYorkshire2h 55m85,024Cooktown Orchid Delight MajorPeter C Randall
114010 Feb 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 51m45,024London Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
114111 Feb 2023Clitheroe, St Mary MagdLancashire3h 2m55,088Double Dublin Surprise MajorGeorge H Campling
114221 Feb 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 56m25,040Xenophon Delight RoyalPeter C Randall
114327 Feb 2023Heywood, St LukeLancashire3h 9m55,012Blanchland Alliance MajorGeorge H Campling
11447 Mar 2023Saddleworth, St ChadYorkshire2h 55m45,056Yate Delight MajorPeter C Randall
11458 May 2023Lancaster, PrioryLancashire3h 33m25,040Yorkshire Surprise RoyalSimon A Percy
114612 May 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 50m65,120Spliced Surprise Major (8m)Peter C Randall
114716 May 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 54m95,040Cambridge Surprise RoyalJeffrey Brannan
114822 May 2023Clitheroe, St Mary MagdLancashire2h 59m15,152Gilletts Delight MajorGeorge H Campling
11496 Jun 2023Saddleworth, St ChadYorkshire2h 45m25,024Quentin’s Delight MajorPeter C Randall
11509 Jun 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 56m85,184Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Peter C Randall
115120 Jun 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 56m35,040Quaffed Delight RoyalPeter C Randall
115218 Jul 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 56m55,040Zone Point Delight RoyalPeter C Randall
115308 Aug 2023Saddleworth, St ChadYorkshire2h 54m85,152Istanbul Delight MajorPeter C Randall
115411 Aug 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 50m55,056Lunar Delight MajorPeter C Randall
115522 Aug 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 57m75,040Ipplepen Delight RoyalPeter C Randall
115626 Aug 2023Accrington, St JamesYorkshire2h 48m95,040Yorkshire Surprise RoyalAlex S Riley
11578 Sep 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 50m55,056Dereham Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
115819 Sep 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 58m35,040Quinquaginta Surprise RoyalPeter C Randall
11594 Oct 2023Heywood, St LukeLancashire3h 5m65,024Double Dublin Surprise MajorGeorge H Campling
116013 Oct 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 51m65,024Glasgow Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
116117 Oct 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 55m15,040Xining Surprise RoyalPeter C Randall
116225 Oct 2023Blackburn CathedralLancashire3h 15m35,069Stedman CatersAndrew J Rawlinson
11633 Nov 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 48m65,024Jovium Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
116415 Nov 2023Blackburn CathedralLancashire3h 13m25,040Anglia Surprise RoyalAndrew J Rawlinson
116519 Nov 2023Walkden, St PaulSRCY3h 12m45,056Cambridge Surprise MajorJulia R Cater
11668 Dec 2023Middleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 50m65,056Ytterbium Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
116712 Dec 2023Blackburn St Jude’sLancashire2h 35m25,050Hartley Delight Major †Peter C Randall
116819 Dec 2023Accrington, St JamesLancashire2h 49m35,024Bristol Surprise MajorPeter C Randall