Quarter Peals Rung 2022

Here is a summary of the quarter peals I rang in during 2022. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about where the quarter was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the quarter peal can be found.

No.DateWhere RungTimeBellChangesMethodConductor
5332 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK 55 m51,270Spliced Major (2m)Peter C Randall
5343 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,250Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Peter C Randall
5356 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK41,280Superlative Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
5366 Jan 2022Blackburn, Cathedral Church of St Mary52 m91,296Grandsire CatersAndrew J Rawlinson
5377 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,280Spliced Surprise Major (5m)Peter C Randall
53810 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK44 m     31,272Morning Star Treble Bob MinorJeffrey Brannan
53913 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,250Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Peter C Randall
54020 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,280Spliced Surprise Major (8m)Peter C Randall
54121 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK54 m41,280Lessness Surprise MajorJeffrey Brannan
54228 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,280Birthday Delight MajorJeffrey Brannan
54331 Jan 2022Ringing Room UK44 m41,296Lightfoot Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
5443 Feb 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,280Spliced Surprise Major (4m)Peter C Randall
5454 Feb 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,280Thermidor Delight MajorJeffrey Brannan
54611 Feb 2022Ringing Room UK44 m21,272Canterbury Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
54714 Feb 2022Ringing Room UK43 m11,250Surfleet Surprise MinorJeffrey Brannan
54817 Feb 2022Ringing Room UK44 m41,272Rossendale Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
5494 Mar 2022Ringing Room UK38 m51,250Cambridge Surprise MinorJeffrey Brannan
55011 Mar 2022Ringing Room UK47 m61,296Kelso Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
55117 Mar 2023Ringing Room UK41,272Bamborough Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
55221 Mar 2022Ringing Room UK53 m61,250Lincolnshire Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
55324 Mar 2022Ringing Room UK57 m51,280Turramurra Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
5541 Apr 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,312Bristol Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
5558 Apr 2022Ringing Room UK41,344Cooktown Orchid Delight MajorPeter C Randall
55611 Apr 2022Ringing Room UK54 m81,280Lessness Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
55715 Apr 2022Ringing Room UK50 m41,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorJeffrey Brannan
55818 Apr 2022Ringing Room UK43 m31,272Stamford Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
5596 May 2022Ringing Room UK54 m31,344Spliced Surprise Major (5m)Peter C Randall
56012 May 2022Ringing Room UK44 m41,296Coldstream Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
56113 May 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,344Spliced Surprise Major (6m)Jeffrey Brannan
56215 May 2022Blackburn Cathedral43 m61,260Plain Bob MinorRay Hutchings
56326 May 2022Ringing Room UK42 m31,272Rochester Treble Bob MinorJeffrey Brannan
56427 May 2022Ringing Room UK55 m31,344Indian Queens Delight MajorPeter C Randall
56529 May 2022Blackburn, Cathedral46 m61,296Cambridge Surprise MinorRay Hutchings
5662 Jun 2022Bolton, All Souls55 m61,296Stedman TriplesAndrew J Rawlinson
5673 Jun 2022Ringing Room UK41,270Jubilee Delight MinorPeter C Randall
5685 Jun 2022Blackburn, St Silas56 m51,296Cambridge Surprise MinorBob Moody
5695 Jun 2022Garstang, St Helen45 m61,296Cambridge Surprise MinorBob Moody
5709 Jun 2022Ringing Room UK43 m51,296Chadkirk Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
57118 Jun 2022Blackburn Cathedral50 m81,264Plain Bob MajorRay Hutchings
57226 Jun 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,260Berry Alliance MajorPeter C Randall
5731 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,280Moorside Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
5747 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK44 m51,296Quantock T B MinorPeter C Randall
5758 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK52 m51,250Xerxes Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
57610 Jul 2022Blackburn, St Silas45 m61,296Cambridge Surprise MinorBob Moody
57715 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK56 m51,344Platinum Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
57816 Jul 2022Blackburn Cathedral51 m71,260Plain Bob TriplesRay Hutchings
57918 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK46 m41,320Capel Treble Bob MinorJeff Brannan
58021 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,280Quedgeley Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
58122 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK52 m41,280Lincolnshire Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
58229 Jul 2022Ringing Room UK45 m51,296British Scholars' Pleasure Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
58311 Aug 2022Ringing Room UK52 m51,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
58415 Aug 2022Ringing Room UK42 m31,296Berwyn Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
58518 Aug 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,280Oxford Castle Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
58622 Aug 2022Ringing Room UK44 m61,296Burton Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
58725 Aug 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,290Quartino Alliance MajorPeter C Randall
58827 Aug 2022Blackburn, St Silas11,250Superlative Surprise MajorBob Moody
58929 Aug 2022Ringing Room UK42 m21,272Nelson Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
5901 Sep 2022Ringing Room UK42 m21,272Woodcock's Victory Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
5912 Sep 2022Ringing Room UK44 m41,296Trinity Sunday Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
5925 Sep 2022Ringing Room UK55 m51,344Mororlessness Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
59314 Oct 2022Ringing Room UK43 m51,272Killamarsh Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
59420 Oct 2022Ringing Room UK44 m61,272Waterford Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
59521 Oct 2022Ringing Room UK43 m21,2727Snowdon Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
59623 Oct 2022Garstang, St Helen46 m61,320London Surprise MinorBob Moody
59730 Oct 2022Liverpool Cathedral1 h 8 m31,296Plain Bob CatersMatthew Warburton
5984 Nov 2022Ringing Room UK44 m51,272Oxford Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
59910 Nov 2022Blackburn Cathedral50 m31,288Grandsire TriplesDawn R Neville
60011 Nov 2022Ringing Room UK43 m51,272Pennine Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
60113 Nov 2022Blackburn Cathedral43 m11,260Stedman DoublesRay Hutchings
60214 Nov 2022Ringing Room UK43 m51,272Cambridge Surprise MinorJeff Brannan
60314 Nov 2022Blackburn, St Jude37 m61,320Cambridge Surprise MinorGeorge Campling
60424 Nov 2022Ringing Room UK44 m41,296Chiltern Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
60527 Nov 2022Clitheroe, St Mary Magd52 m51,312Reedley Hallows Delight MajorGeorge H Campling
6061 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,250Cambridge Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
6075 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK43 m11,296Gladstone Treble Bob MinorJeff Brannan
6089 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK53 m51,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
60918 Dec 2022Blackburn, St Silas46 m51,296Cambridge Surprise MinorBob Moody
61018 Dec 2022Garstang, St Helen48 m41,260Single Oxford Bob MinorBob Moody
61119 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK51 m51,250Lincolnshire Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
61220 Dec 2022Accrington, St James45 m31,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
61322 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK51 m31,252Dereham Surprise MajorJeff Brannan
61423 Dec 2022Blackburn Cathedral50 m91,260Grandsire CatersJeffrey D Simcox
61526 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK43 m31,296St Albans Delight MinorJeff Brannan
61629 Dec 2022Ringing Room UK54 m51,252Kettering Delight MajorJeff Brannan

The quarter peal on Friday, 11 November 2022 was my 600th quarter peal, including those rung on ringing room.