Peals Rung in 2015

Here is a summary of the peals I rang in during 2015. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, The Ringing World BellBoard or Campanophile where further details of the peal can be found.

Any peal marked with a ‘*’ indicates a method that has not previously been rung to a peal.

8312 JanWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0815,040Yffenni Surprise RoyalP Randall
8329 JanMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4755,152Flerovium Surprise MajorP Randall
83323 JanFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:5155,152Sulfer Surprise MajorP Randall
83430 JanWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0955,040Zummerzet Surprise RoyalP Randall
83513 FebMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:5335,152Mendelevium Surprise MajorP Randall
83627 FebFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:4755,050Anniversary Spliced MajorP Randall
83713 MarMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4555,024Erbium Surprise MajorP Randall
83817 MarWalkden, St PaulN/A2:5965,056Cornwall Surprise MajorJ Brannan
83910 AprMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4915,152Vanadium Surprise MajorJ Andrews
84024 AprFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:4755,040Nickel Little Surprise MajorP Randall
8411 MayBurnley, St PeterLancashire3:0385,040Upwood Surprise RoyalP Randall
8428 MayMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4855,024Astatine Surprise MajorP Randall
84316 MaySouthport, EmmanuelLancashire2:5035,008Plain Bob MajorC Woods
84422 MayFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:5235,152Livermorium Surprise MajorP Randall
8455 JunWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0775,040Ubley Surprise RoyalP Randall
84612 JunMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4425,056Wolfram Surprise MajorP Randall
8473 JulWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0525,040Midsomer Norton Surprise RoyalP Randall
84810 JulMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:5155,152Lanthanum Surprise MajorP Randall
84924 JulFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:4455,024Boron Surprise MajorP Randall
85014 AugMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4715,056Tantalum Surprise MajorP Randall
85115 AugDeane, St Mary the VirginLancashire2:4025,088Lessness Surprise MajorJ Andrews
85216 AugBlackburn, Saint JudeLancashire2:3875,088Yorkshire Surprise MajorG Birks
85317 AugPrestwich, St Mary the VirginLancashire3:0045,1848-Spliced Surprise MajorO Austin
85419 AugChurch, St JamesLancashire2:5075,184Premier Surprise MajorA Wilson
85520 AugTarleton, Holy TrinityLancashire3:0045,184Cambridge Surprise MajorC Woods
85620 AugRainfordLancashire2:5075,056Stannum Surprise MajorP Randall
85721 AugBlackburn, CathedralLancashire3:1715,080Cambridge Surprise RoyalP Hunter
85822 AugPenny LaneLancashire2:5445,088Yorkshire Surprise MajorJ Andrews
85928 AugFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:5115,088Magnesium Surprise MajorP Randall
86030 AugBlackburn, Saint SilasLancashire3:0385,088Yorkshire Surprise MajorJ Andrews
8614 SepWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:0775,000Vermuyden Surprise RoyalP Randall
86211 SepMiddleton, St Middleton, Saint LeonardLeonardLancashire2:4855,088Protactinium Surprise MajorP Randall
86324 SepFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:4555,050Anniversary Spliced MajorP Randall
8642 OctWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:1065,040Meadowhall Surprise RoyalP Randall
86516 OctMiddleton, St Middleton, Saint LeonardLeonardLancashire2:5655,152Molybdenum Surprise MajorP Randall
86623 OctFarnworth, Saint JohnN/A2:4215,088Cambridge Surprise MajorJ Brannan
8676 NovWorsley, St MarkLancashire3:1075,040Black Cat Delight RoyalP Randall
86820 NovMiddlMiddleton, Saint Leonardeton, St LeonardLancashire2:4425,088Copernicium Surprise MajorP Randall
86927 NovFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2:4865,088Gadolinium Surprise MajorP Randall
8704 DecRadcliffe, Saint MaryLancashire2:5965,152December Delight MajorP Randall
87111 DecMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2:4855,088Cerium Surprise MajorP Randall
87218 DecFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2:4765,088Argon Surprise MajorP Randall
87329 DecStockport, St MaryDerby3:1075,040Cambridge Surprise RoyalA Cotton

Peals Rung 2015