Quarter Peals Rung 2023

Here is a summary of the quarter peals I rang in during 2023. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about where the quarter was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the quarter peal can be found.

No.DateWhere RungTimeBellChangesMethodConductor
6172 Jan 2023Ringing Room UK51,271Spliced Triples and MajorPeter C Randall
6186 Jan 2023Ringing Room UK0:5351,280Greybury Surprise MajorJeffrey Brannan
6199 Jan 2023Ringing Room UK0:5331,290Spliced Triples & Major (2m)Jeffrey Brannan
62013 Jan 2023Ringing Room UK0:5251,280Spliced Surprise Major (2m)Jeffrey Brannan
6212 Feb 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:5211,280Cambridge Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
62217 Feb 2023Ringing Room0:5351,280Uxbridge Surprise MajorJeffrey Brannan
62320 Feb 2023Clitheroe, St Mary Magd0:5161,344Cornwall Surprise MajorAndrew J Rawlinson
6242 Mar 2023Ringing Room UK0:4241,296Vale Royal Delight MinorPeter C Randall
62512 Mar 2023Garstang, St Helen, Churchtown0:4631,320Annable’s London Surprise MinorBob Moody
62620 Mar 2023Ringing Room UK0:4341,296Duke of Norfolk Treble Bob MinorPeter C Randall
62721 Mar 2023Accrington, St James0:4481,280Yorkshire Surprise MajorRaymond A Hutchings
62826 Mar 2023Blackburn, St Silas0:4951,260Grandsire TriplesBob Moody
62928 Apr 2023Ringing Room UK0:4351,296Wilmslow Delight MinorPeter C Randall
63030 Apr 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:4321,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
6317 May 2023Burnley, St Peter0:4321,272Old Oxford Delight MinorGeorge H Campling
63212 May 2023Ringing Room UK0:4231,272Disley Delight MinorPeter C Randall
63314 May 2023Garstang, St Helen, Churchtown0:4421,296Charles Surprise MinorBob Moody
6344 Jun 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:4611,260Plain Bob DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
6359 Jun 2023Ringing Room UK0:4331,296Dunedin Delight MinorPeter C Randall
63623 Jun 2023Ringing Room UK0:4551,280Lessness Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
63724 Jun 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:4311,260Stedman DoublesRaymond A Hutchings
63821 Jul 2023Ringing Room UK0:5251,250Bus Pass Surprise MajorJeffrey Brannan
63911 Aug 2023Ringing Room UK51,250Dereham Surprise MajorJeffrey Brannan
64018 Aug 2023Ringing Room UK41,296Evening Star Delight MinorPeter C Randall
6411 Sep 2023Ringing Room UK0:4211,320Snowdrop Treble Bob MinorJeffrey Brannan
6428 Sep 2023Ringing Room UK0:4251,272Fotheringay Delight MinorPeter C Randall
6436 Oct 2023Ringing Room UK0:4551,296Francis Genius Delight MinorPeter C Randall
64413 Oct 2023Ringing Room UK0:5351,250Pershore Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
64522 Oct 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:5071,260Grandsire TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
64629 Oct 2023Garstang, St Helen, Churchtown0:4341,250Ipswich Surprise MinorBob Moody
64719 Nov 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:4261,260St Clement’s College Bob MinorRaymond A Hutchings
6488 Dec 2023Ringing Room UK0:5351,250Ytterbium Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
64910 Dec 2023Garstang, St Helen, Churchtown0:5111,440Plain Minor (2 methods)Bob Moody
65015 Dec 2023Ringing Room UK0:5251,250Burnopfield Delight MajorPeter C Randall
65117 Dec 2023Burnley, St Peter0:4141,269Cambridge Surprise MinorAndrew D Sibson
65222 Dec 2023Ringing Room UK0:5251,250Ely Surprise MajorPeter C Randall
65323 Dec 2023Blackburn Cathedral0:4971,260Plain Bob TriplesRaymond A Hutchings
65429 Dec 2023Ringing Room UK0:4441,296Leasowe Delight MinorPeter C Randall