Peals Rung in 2017

Here is a summary of the peals I rang in during 2017. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the peal can be found.

Any peal marked with a ‘*’ against the method name indicates a method that has not previously been rung to a peal.

90913 JanMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 50m55,088Ickornshaw Moor Delight MajorP Randall
91015 JanBlackburn CathedralLancashire3h 9m45,088Yorkshire Surprise MajorM Warburton
91127 JanFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2h 48m15,024Jacob's Ladder Delight MajorP Randall
9123 FebWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 18m15,040Spliced Surprise Royal (3 Methods)P Randall
91310 FebMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 46m55,088Wembley Surprise MajorJ Andrews
9143 MarWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 8m65,040Cullompton Delight RoyalP Randall
91510 MarMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 51m25,152Kinder Scout Delight MajorP Randall
91624 MarSaddleworth, Saint ChadLancashire2h 56m55,120Low Force Delight MajorP Randall
91726 MarAughton, Christ ChurchLancashire3h 2m85,040Plain Bob TriplesD Vernon
9187 AprWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 11m15,040Spliced Surprise Royal (4 Methods)P Randall
91921 AprMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 55m55,088Malham Delight MajorP Randall
92012 MayMiddleton, Saint LeonardNon Association2h 48m55,024New Bridge Delight MajorP Randall
92126 MayEast Crompton, Saint JamesLancashire2h 47m35,120Once Brewed Delight MajorP Randall
9222 JunWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 5m65,024Blue Cat Little Surprise RoyalP Randall
9239 JunMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 46m55,088Pen-y-Ghent Delight MajorP Randall
92423 JunEast Crompton, Saint JamesN/A2h 45m65,088Quarries (dis) Delight MajorP Randall
92527 JunSaddleworth, Saint ChadN/A2h 50m15,152Spliced Surprise Major (15 ATW)P Randall
9267 JulWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 5m75,040Queenhill Delight RoyalP Randall
92713 JulBlackburn, Saint JudeLancashire2h 51m45,104Armitage-Is-The-Name Bob MajorK Price
92814 JulMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 45m65,152Ribblesdale Delight MajorP Randall
92921 JulEast Crompton, Saint JamesLancashire2h 51m55,152Standedge Delight MajorP Randall
93011 AugMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 50m25,024Tan Hill Delight MajorP Randall
93125 AugEast Crompton, Saint JamesN/A2h 51m55,152Upper Booth Delight MajorP Randall
9321 SepWalkden, Saint PaulLancashire3h 5m65,088Tavistock Surprise MajorP Randall
9338 SepMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 45m55,024Vallum Surprise MajorP Randall
9346 OctWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 14m65,040Yorkshire Surprise RoyalP Randall
93513 OctMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 47m75,024Windy Gyle Delight MajorP Randall
93628 OctEast Crompton, Saint JamesLancashire2h 58m55,152X Fell Delight MajorP Randall
9373 NovWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 18m65,040Hangingwater Delight RoyalP Randall
93810 NovMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire3h 3m35,120Yetholm Delight MajorP Randall
93921 NovDaresbury, All SaintsCheshire3h 2m15,152Spliced Surprise Major (18 ATW)J Brannan
94024 NovFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2h 47m55,090Cambridge Surprise MajorP Randall
9411 DecWorsley, Saint MarkLancashire3h 7m75,055Yorkshire Alliance Royal *P Randall
9426 DecParbold, Christ ChurchLancashire2h 50m25,050Spliced Plain Bob Triples and MajorC Woods
9438 DecMiddleton, Saint LeonardLancashire2h 51m55,152Quick March Delight MajorP Randall
94422 DecFarnworth, Saint JohnLancashire2h 50m15,088Moscovium Surprise MajorP Randall
94529 DecWesthoughton, Saint BartholomewLancashire2h 54m55,088Bristol Surprise MajorP Randall