Peals Rung

A summary of peals rung to date

Peals rung by number of bells

12MaximusTwelve bells with no covering bell271
11CinquesEleven bells plus one covering bell5
10RoyalTen bells with no covering bell172
9CatersNine bells plus one covering bell21
8MajorEight bells with no covering bell76211
7 & 8Triples and MajorSeven bells plus one covering bell spliced with eight bells with no covering1
7TriplesSeven bells plus one covering bell15
6MinorSix bells with no covering bell244

Peals rung by Association and Guild

Durham & Newcastle2319
Kent County316
Non Association14
The Royal Cumberland Youths' Society11
Chester DG6
Carlisle DG4
Southwell & Nottingham3
Around Ringers2
Universities Association1

Leading Ringers

These are the people I have rung most peals with. The number of peals conducted is the number conducted by that person.

RingerRungConductedNotes & Comments
Peter C Randall509488
James E Andrews48137
Gail Randall422
Peter G Bellamy-Knights3901I have rung 167 peals on the 7th with Peter on the 8th.
Derek J Thomas305
Val A Andrews302
Ian Smith258
John E Anderson197
Gordon R Birks19240
Brian J Owen188
David Hird187154
Jane Owen183
Geoffrey R Fothergill16070
George S Deas148
Barbara M Wheeler146
Ronald R Warford12436
Rachel H Dyson1135
Alan M Treble102
Stephen B Bell9920
Ian Tilling91
Anne Orme86
Barbara Davies75

Leading Towers

These are the towers I have rung most of my peals in.

TowerPealsConductedNotes & Comments
Middleton, Saint Leonard208106 of these on the 7th. 99 of those with PBK on the 8th.
Farnworth, Saint John153171 of these on the 7th. 59 of those with PBK on the 8th
Worsley, Saint Mark92I have rung peals on bells 1 to 9. I just need the tenor to circle the tower.
Newcastle, Saint John452
Accrington, Saint James43I have circled the back ten.
Whitley Bay, Saint Paul39
Newcastle Cathedral371
Sunderland, Bishopwearmouth313
Blackburn, Cathedral28
East Crompton, Saint James19
Westhoughton, Saint Bartholomew17
Heywood, Saint Luke17

Most Rung Methods

Yorkshire Surprise Major453
Cambridge Surprise Major252
Bristol Surprise Major22
Yorkshire Surprise Royal21
Rutland Surprise Major152
Lincolnshire Surprise Major151
Grandsire Caters14
London Surprise Major12
Superlative Surprise Major12
Grandsire Triples11
Plain Bob Major10
Lessness Surprise Major9
Spliced Surprise Major (8 m)9
Cambridge Surprise Royal9
Yorkshire Surprise Maximus91
Lincolnshire Surprise Royal8
Pudsey Surprise Major8
Spliced Surprise Major (4 m)8

Days of the Year

To have rung a peal on every day of the year, I need the following 17 dates:

  • February 24th
  • March 4th, 6th & 16th
  • April 18th
  • May 15th
  • June 20th, 21st and 29th
  • July 20th
  • September 2nd
  • October 19th
  • November 5th & 22nd
  • December 15th, 16th & 25th