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Hello, I was born during the early 60’s in Malta. I came to England when I was a few months old. Back in England, the family home was on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I spent much of my childhood years digging holes in my dad’s garden and climbing trees. At school, I studied a mixture of totally pointless subjects. During this time with the support of several teachers a keen interest in computing and computer programming grew. Although the school didn’t have its own computer we used an acoustic coupler to connect a teleprinter to a timeshare system or to the local college offering BASIC. I took frequent visits to Horstead College and learnt to program in SIR on their Elliott 903 computer.

I left school and worked for Marconi Elliott Automation as a Trainee Computer Programmer at their research and development base in Chatham, Kent. This was a really fun experience and I had the opportunity to work with some very clever people. I made many new friends and extended my interest in ringing church bells, hiking and rock climbing. It was through bell ringing I met my wife, Donna, and we were married a year after we met at Tunstall in Kent. We are still happily married and have two children: Richard and Robert. In 1984 I changed jobs and went to work for GEC Software in Covent Garden, London. With GEC Software I worked on the development of a range of configuration management, project management software and networking tools. It was during this period that I moved into general management and extended my skills and competence by attending management training at the GEC Management college in Dunchurch.

In the late 80’s GEC Software merged with GEC Marconi Software Systems and the family took the opportunity to move to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Here I was the general business manager of a small software development group working on a diverse range of products and technology. We lived in Ouston, near Chester-le-Street, until the late 90’s when I changed jobs again and moved to Leyland, Lancashire to work for CSC.

Although I am now retired I have kept a very strong interest in the nuts and bolts of computing and when bell ringing and geocaching permit I still like to spend time learning new skills, programming languages and also playing with my various home PCs.

© 2016  Ray Hutchings

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