Peals Rung in 2019

Here is a summary of the peals I rang in during 2019. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the peal was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the peal can be found.

Towers marked with a * indicate this is my first peal at the tower. A peal marked with a † after the method name, is a method that has not previously been rung to a peal. A ‡ means the method is a Project Pickled Egg Method of the Month.

RefDateWhere RungAssociationTimeBellChangesMethodConductor
10144 JanWorsley, St MarkLancashire3h 13m75,040Nideggen Surprise RoyalP Randall
10158 JanSaddleworth, St ChadYorkshire2h 54m75,040Kilburn Alliance MajorP Randall
101610 JanMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 50m65,024Affpuddle Treble Bob MajorP Randall
101715 JanAccrington, St JamesLancashire3h 5m105,016Plain Bob MaximusJ Brannan
101822 JanNewton-le-Willows, St PeterChester DG3h 12m85,000Kegworth Surprise RoyalP Randall
101923 JanClitheroe, St MaryLancashire3h 3m55,056Yorkshire Surprise MajorG Campling
102025 JanMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 51m15,130Ladybird Alliance MajorP Randall
10218 FebMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 44m75,056Barleycroft Treble Bob MajorP Randall
102212 FebTodmorden, St MaryYorkshire2h 42m45,088Warwickshire Surprise MajorJ Brannan
102323 FebClitheroe, St MaryLancashire2h 54m45,056Holbeach Surprise MajorG Campling
102426 FebBlackburn, CathedralLancashire3h 12m55,040Ulvesrcroft Surprise RoyalJ Brannan
10251 MarWorsley, St MarkLancashire3h 8m55,040Glapthorn Surprise RoyalP Randall
10268 MarMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 47m75,088Ventose Delight MajorP Randall
102712 MarRadcliffe, St MaryLancashire2h 53m75,040Dipton Alliance MajorP Randall
102819 MarAccrington, St JamesLancashire2h 55m45,040Jacobs Creek Surprise MajorJ Brannan
102922 MarFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2h 45m15,040Islay Alliance MajorP Randall
103026 MarPreston MinsterLancashire3h 3m45,040Yettington Delight RoyalJ Brannan
10315 AprWorsley, St MarkLancashire3h 11m55,060Fryerning Alliance RoyalP Randall
103212 AprMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 52m75,152Cumberland Exercise Treble Bob MajorP Randall
103316 AprAccrington, St JamesLancashire2h 58m25,040Moray Firth Surprise RoyalJ Brannan
103423 AprOswaldtwistle, ImmanuelLancashire2h 51m55,130Vitznau Alliance MajorP Randall
103524 AprHeywood, St LukeLancashire3h 2m65,010Shotley Bridge Alliance MajorP Randall
103610 MayMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 49m45,056Dire Treble Bob MajorP Randall
103714 MayBlackburn, St JudeLancashire2h 48m25,070Frampton Marsh Alliance MajorP Randall
103817 MayDent, St Andrew *Yorkshire2h 36m65,040Minor (seven methods)K Price
103921 MayAccrington, St JamesLancashire2h 58m25,040Zummerzet Surprise RoyalJ Brannan
104024 MayFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2h 50m65,056Alloa Surprise MajorJ Brannan
104128 MayHoghton, Holy Trinity *Lancashire2h 55m15,056Double Delight MajorJ Brannan
10427 JunWorsley, St MarkLancashire3h 7m25,040Darlington Delight Royal †P Randall
104314 JunMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 46m65,040Zulu Alliance MajorP Randall
104417 JunDunham Massey, St Margaret *Chester3h 6m55,007Stedman CatersD Jones
104518 JunAccrington, St JamesLancashire2h 57m35,040Cambridge Surprise RoyalP Randall
104625 JunRadcliffe, St MaryLancashire2h 51m55,040Whitley Chapel Alliance MajorP Randall
104728 JunFarnworth, St JohnLancashire2h 47m15,152Jovium Surprise Major ‡P Randall
10482 JulMiddlewich, St Michael & All Angels *Chester3h 1m45,056Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)J Brannan
10496 JulWhalley, St Mary & All SaintsLancashire3h 8m75,056Plain Bob MajorR Hutchings
10509 JulNewton le Willows, St PeterChester3h 18m95,040Jenner Delight RoyalP Randall
105112 JulMiddleton, St LeonardLancashire2h 47m55,024Frodsham Surprise Major ‡P Randall
105214 JulWesthoughton, St BartholomewLancashire2h 53m75,096Heptonstall Alliance MajorG Campling