Quarter Peals Rung 2021

Here is a summary of the quarter peals I rang in during 2021. Where there are links, below, then clicking on the tower name will show you more information about the tower where the quarter was rung. Clicking on the method name will take you to one of my posts, or The Ringing World BellBoard  where further details of the peal can be found.

Towers marked with a * indicate this is my first quarter at the tower. A quarter marked with a † after the method name, is a method that has not previously been rung to a quarter. A ‡ means the method is a Project Pickled Egg Method of the Month.

No.DateWhere RungTimeBellChangesMethodConductor
428 1 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK43 m41,272York Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
4297 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK45 m31,296Beverley Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
4308 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK50 m51,250Yorkshire Surprise MajorJefffrey Brannan
43112 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK47 m41,272Durham Surprise MinorPeter C Randall
43221 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK43 m41,320Cambridge Surprise MinorJeffrey Brannan
43322 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK45 m41,320Cambridge Surprise MinorJeffrey Brannan
43426 Jan 2021Ringing Room UK47 m51,250Bourne Surprise MinorJeffrey Brannan
Quarter Peals I have taken part in during 2021