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Preston Minster

Preston Minster

The Bells

The Minster Church of St John Evangelist has a ring of twelve bells with the tenor bell weighing 881 kg and tuned to the key of F. The back eight bells were cast in 1920 by Mears & Stainbank and were originally hung in Holy Trinity, Bolton. The ring was augmented to ten in 1997, when the back eight were installed to replace the previous ring, with the addition of two treble bells cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. Two further bells were added in 2003, also cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd, to form the current ring of twelve.

About the Bells

Dedication: Minster Church of St John Evangelist
Bells: 12 bells. Tenor 17-1-10 (881 kg) in F
Association: Lancashire Association / Preston Branch
Practice Night: Tuesday 7.45 pm to 9.15 pm
Sunday Ringing: 9 am to 9.30 am
Address: Church Street, Preston. PR1 3BT

Getting There

There is a small area for parking cars on the south side of the Minster which can be accessed from Rose Street.


Radcliffe, Saint Mary

The Bells

Radcliffe Parish Church possess an impressive sounding peal of 8 Taylor bells, cast in 1923. The ring is in the key of F♯ and the tenor bell weights 765 kg.

About The Bells

Dedication: Saint Mary
Bells: 8 bells. Tenor 15-0-6 (765 kg) in F♯
Association: Lancashire Association / Rossendale Branch
Practice Night: Monday. 7.30 pm to 9 pm
Sunday Ringing: Not Known
Address: Church Green, Radcliffe, Manchester. M26 2QA

Getting There

There is a convenient (free) car park off Church Green to the north east of the Church, very close to the entrance to the Church grounds.

Whitworth, Saint Bartholomew

About the Church

Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Whitworth near Rochdale

The Church of Saint Bartholomew, Whitworth has a ring of eight bells cast by John Taylor and Co. in 1910. The ring is in the key of F with the tenor bell weighing 801 kg.



One of many grotesques at Whitworth Church.


Access and Parking

Access to the small car park in front of the Church is via Whitworth Rake.


Oswaldtwistle, Immanuel

Immanuel Parish Church

Immanuel Church was completed in 1837 to an original design by J and T Stones. A chancel, transepts, a small chapel and an organ chamber were added by 1867 to a design by J & J M Hay.

Originally, the Church had six bells cast in 1878. The ring was augmented to eight in 1913 with the addition of two treble bells.

About The Bells

Dedication: Immanuel (Parish Church)
Bells: 8 bells. Tenor 11-0-21 (568 kg) in G
Cast: Bells 1 & 2 1913 by John Taylor and Co. Bell 3 – 8 1878 by John Taylor and Co.
Association: Lancashire Association / Blackburn Branch
Practice Night: Thursday 7.30 pm to 9 pm
Sunday Ringing: None
Address: BB5 3QS (Google Maps)

Visiting The Church

There is a nearby free car park, accessed from Willow Park off New Lane, to the east of the Church with footpath access to the Church gate.

Marple, All Saints Church

Church Tower

The detached tower at All Saints, Marple.

The detached tower at All Saints Church, Marple, is home to a fine ring of 8 bells. The original six bells, cast in 1731 by Abraham II Rudhall, were from Stockport Parish Church. They were installed here in 1816. Two trebles were added in 1963 cast by John Taylor and Co. of Loughborough when the existing Rudhall bells were rehung and the tower strengthened following demolition of the church.

The tower was part of a church built in 1811. However, during the 1870s it was found that the church was too small and the building was not suitable for extension. A new church was built 30 metres to the south of the existing building. Used for occasional services up to 1964, the original church was demolished as the building was unsafe.

About The Bells

Dedication: All Saints
Bells: 8 bells. Tenor 691 kg in F – A ground floor ring in a detached tower
Association: Chester Diocesan Guild
Practice Night: Monday (no time is given)
Sunday Ringing: Not Known.
Address: 155 Church Lane, Marple. SK6 7LD (Google Maps)

Visiting The Church

There is a good car park accessed from Church Lane on the south side of the church.